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3 Tips Applied CSR24 Users Should Know

April 02, 2015

by Bob Zaczynski

CSR24-Blog-TipsEverywhere we go we see people glued to technology. Whether it’s getting directions from point A to B, searching for a great place to eat or browsing Facebook for status updates, the expectation for instant access to information is ubiquitous. This holds true for your clients as well. In addition to phone and in-person contact, today’s insurance consumers expect 24/7 self-service access via mobile or Web. Applied CSR24 delivers that technology, allowing agencies to offer clients immediate access to certificates and auto IDs.

But multichannel client service is only the tip of the iceberg. From the agency perspective, many Applied CSR24 clients find instant gratification in streamlined certificate processing, saving time and resources. With my 25+ years of insurance automation experience and more than 14 years assisting with implementation and training for Applied CSR24, I thought I’d share some thoughts on how you can get the most out of the application.


During implementation, Applied sets up the extract to pull data from your management system into Applied CSR24, saving time for both your staff and clients when filling out forms and requesting information. However if your agency uses Applied CSR24 with Applied Epic or Applied TAM, you can set up Sync, a real-time connection that interchanges data in both directions. This Sync ensures that all information seen by staff and clients is the most current available from the management system, and conversely that any data that originates within Applied CSR24 automatically gets added to your management system’s activities.

With Sync, you can:

  • Enable activities along with their related attachments to be automatically written into your Applied management system from portal-initiated transactions. Your staff will get greater visibility into client interactions conducted in the portal, all within your Applied Epic or Applied TAM management system.
  • Give your clients access to documents and attachments through the online portal. Never manually send a document to your insureds or upload into the portal again. Instead, click one checkbox in your management system to allow your clients to view and/or retrieve documents stored within the management system in real time.
  • Provide a “Claims View” option to your clients through the online portal. Customer service around the claims process is a huge factor in client retention and satisfaction. Give clients visibility into claims status directly from the portal so they can have 24/7 access to the information they need.


More and more people are visiting the Web from mobile devices to conduct insurance transactions. For this reason, Applied CSR24 is mobile-friendly and reformats the user interface of your self-service portal so that clients can easily tap and touch from a smartphone or tablet. To see for yourself how it looks, simply visit your agency’s portal from your smartphone.

And you can brand your portal with a mobile icon:

CSR24_Your Logo

Within the system administration tools, you can add branded icons to make sure that when clients save the webpage to their smartphones and tablets, it appears as a branded icon for your business.

Providing a mobile service option can set you apart from the competition. Visit the Help File within Applied CSR24 to get a communication template that can be used to announce to your clients that your portal is mobile-friendly.

Single Sign-On

Did you know that within Applied TAM and Applied Epic you can set up Applied CSR24 as single sign-on (SSO)? Once the SSO is set up, your staff will never have to launch Applied CSR24 as a separate browser session and sign in. Their Applied TAM or Applied Epic credentials will also give them direct instant access to Applied CSR24.

Applied CSR24 enables your staff to easily access the premium certificate processing capabilities directly from your management system. With direct access to the client account within Applied CSR24, staff can begin the certificate issuance process instantly without navigating to the client file or closing out of the management system. It also allows them to efficiently create and modify client accounts for the Applied CSR24 portal.

I hope this information helps you to get even more value from Applied CSR24. For additional resources, check the Help File within your system or the Applied Client Portal.

Do you have additional tips to share with fellow users? Share your ideas below.

Bob ZaczynskiBob Zaczynski, senior vice president of implementation/support services at Applied, directs the implementation and training for various products including Applied CSR24, Applied MobileProducer, and Applied certTrax. He also heads the support teams for Applied certTrax, Applied WebEngine websites and Applied InsWorld publications. Bob joined Applied Systems in 2010 and has more than 25 years of insurance automation experience.


Great tips! I have an extreme focus on getting our clients to use our 24/7 portal and training our staff on how efficient it is when processing certificates. Old dogs can learn new tricks! Thanks again!

Bob Zaczynski

You are welcome Dacey. That is excellent that you are focusing on getting your clients to take advantage of your 24/7 portal. You may already be aware of this, but just in case, there is a section in the Applied CSR24 help file with some helpful suggestions on promoting your 24/7 portal. This is accessed through the Applied CSR24 utilities (Help> Appendices > Promoting Applied CSR24 to your Customers).


Can you direct me to the best demo, info or support page for an overview of themes and customizing options you offer? (mainly for branding, but maybe UI also)

Bob Zaczynski

Hi Jean, You can find webinars on Applied CSR24 functionality and customization here: http://www.appliedsystems.com/Support/Webinars/CSR24Tues/default.asp You can also reach out to your implementation manager to further discuss the customization of your own Applied CSR24 portal. Thanks!


We have Sync enabled for our self-service portal, but it only relays information 2x per day. Is there any way to change this setting? Thanks!


Hi Bob,

How can I contact you? Have some questions I’d like to discuss.

Applied Communications

Thank you for reaching out, Calvin! Bob has actually moved on to some other opportunities outside of Applied, but we are more than happy to answer any questions you have. You can either submit them here or send us an email at info@appliedsystems.com.

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