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9 Essential Apps for Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers

September 30, 2015

by Applied Communications

Apps for smartphones and tablets have forever changed the way we work and do business. No longer just games and photo editors for personal use, mobile apps can help you and your staff be more organized, efficient and productive. And the resulting time-savings can be significant allowing your staff to shift their focus to activities that drive new business and increase client retention.

But which apps should you use? There’s almost nothing that there isn’t an app for, so to narrow things down, we’ve pulled together a list of essential apps that can help your agency better manage communications, customers, documents and more.

What apps do you use to keep organized and be productive? Share by commenting below!


Using apps to deal with insurance, that seems really cool. I can see how that can be a big help, people nowadays us the web for almost anything. I still like the sit down with someone, and talk to them face to face, that way I can be on the same page as them.

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