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Applied Net 2016: Attend, Learn & Succeed

June 01, 2016

by Brian Langerman

5 Reasons Why You Should Attend

Attend Applied Net 2016Applied Net is not your average conference. It’s a convergence of minds. It’s a community gathering. IT IS THE CAN’T MISS PLACE TO BE for discussions of leading practices and critical issues – all shared by Applied Client Network members, users and experts. Do you have a long to-do list of work at the office or a limited budget making you question your attendance?

I know how hard it is to walk away from emails, conference calls and projects but stepping away from your desk to attend the premier insurance industry educational and networking event – Applied Net 2016 – will be an incredible experience on so many levels, and here’s why:

  1. Education & Learning
    This is an area I am most excited about this year. The education program will be a robust lineup of 200+ engaging sessions that move beyond the typical lecture-classroom style and will introduce new formats like TED talks, real-world case studies, energetic roundtable discussions, peer spotlights and expert panel discussions. You will leave with an understanding of how forward-thinking professionals are employing Applied technologies to transform and improve their businesses. Applied Net will give you the opportunity to discover how industry leaders envision the future of the insurance industry and learn how other users and peers are navigating current insurance challenges to be most successful.
  2. Community
    The peer network may quite possibly be your greatest takeaway. With 3,000+ insurance professionals in attendance, you will network and build connections with others in the industry whom you can swap stories with year-round when it comes to identifying solutions for day-to-day challenges at your agency/brokerage.
  3. Professional Development
    Seeing how others in the industry leverage their Applied technology can provide a unique perspective on opportunities to advance your career and role in your agency or brokerage. And, as an added bonus, Applied Net offers up to 7 hours of CE credit to ensure you meet the licensing requirements of your state.
  4. Personal Growth
    An event with 3,000+ insurance professionals can be intimidating, but think of yourself as someone who has something to give: advice, mentorship and resources. Think about where your expertise lies and how you can share that knowledge with others at the conference.
  5. Keynote Headliner “Miracle on the Hudson” Captain Sullenberger
    Applied Net is about inspiring attendees to discover the latest trends, insights and skills to drive success at your own agency or brokerage. As a recognized hero, the keynote speaker Captain Sullenberger will deliver a valuable message that motivates you and provides trusted advice during the times when it matters the most. This is a presentation I couldn’t be more excited to experience.

Attend Applied Net 2016 September 19 – 22 and interact with a community of people just like you: open-minded individuals from all areas of the insurance industry who have been where you are today. It’s an investment that pays for itself and will provide immediate benefits to you and your organization.

Need more incentive? SAVE $50 when you register by August 18, 2016.

Don’t make excuses – just go. You won’t regret it.

Brian Langerman, Applied Client NetworkBrian Langerman is the CEO of Applied Client Network. He’s a seasoned technology executive and won’t be missing this year’s Applied Net.

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