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Applied Net 2017: Why Applied Net Is a Must Attend Event

February 15, 2017

by Applied Communications

Applied Net is the largest gathering of independent insurance agents and brokers in the world. Each year, agents and brokers across North America, UK and Ireland come together to discuss the latest technologies transforming the industry.

To be held at MGM Grand Las Vegas, Applied Net 2017 will raise the table stakes and feature inspiring keynotes, more than 200 educational sessions, and an innovation showcase to explore how agencies and brokerages can position their businesses to grow and thrive in the connected business of insurance. Applied Net also includes highly anticipated nightly events to network with other agents and brokers while experiencing world-class entertainment.

Lisa Colwell, operations manager at Wilson Insurance Ltd. in New Brunswick, Canada and multi-year Applied Net attendee, sat down with us to discuss her favorite parts of the conference and why she recommends every independent insurance agent and broker attend.

Q: What is the best part of the conference?

A: My favorite part of Applied Net is networking with other brokers because I’m able to learn about how they’re using digital technology. I’m all about taking the most out of the content and bringing it back to my brokerage. I usually have information overload on my way home because I want to implement so much.

Q: Do you have an example of content that you’ve brought back and implemented into your brokerage?

A: I attended a session on auditing workflows when I was in Orlando in 2016. The speaker, who was absolutely amazing, talked about the basics of auditing and how reports can help to create workflows. It was a great session. My brokerage has since added immense efficiency with just this one session.

Q: Can you tell us more about the feeling of community you get from Applied Net?

A: It’s great when you find somebody who’s in the same situation as you because the relationship continues even after the conference. Whether you’re becoming a member of the local chapter or you’re troubleshooting things together, I’ve gotten emails from people saying, “Hey, how did you go about that?” It’s really nice to have that connection with agents and brokers from Applied Net.

Q: Do you feel that Applied Net is a good place to discover new technology?

A: Applied Net is a great resource to stay on top of what’s out there and how brokers can keep up with digital technology that makes their businesses better. Applied CSR24 would’ve been unheard of a few years ago in our industry. I’ve always found that the conference is a great way to get that introduction and speak with the people who have it. Whether it’s Applied CSR24, Applied Rater or anything else, it’s great to be able to ask, “What do you like about it?” “What would you give as a takeaway if I were to move forward?” There’s a lot of helpful story sharing.

Q: Do you feel like Applied Net pays for itself in terms of how it helps your agency?

A: Yes, absolutely. As I said before, the toughest part is coming back to the office on your first day back when you’re on that information overload – you’ve got a list of 30 things to do because you’re so energized when you leave the sessions. My advice? Pick three ideas to implement first, then go on to the other 27 ideas.

Q: What other parts of the conference do you enjoy?

A: The evening events are always unique and fun. I really enjoy the networking, so it’s nice to get a relaxed atmosphere, have a conversation and get to know people. It feels like a family since everybody understands our industry. Unless you’re in it, you don’t really get it, so it’s nice to troubleshoot with members of the community.

Register now for Applied Net 2017 and discover how to take advantage of the opportunities created by the digital transformation of insurance to prepare your business for success in our digital world.

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