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The Connected Business of Insurance

Enhancing Customer Service for Today’s Digital Insurance Customer

January 14, 2014

by Jim Kerin

We all know that with today’s new technologies, the insurance landscape is changing. This means two things: 1) As an agent, I must continue to offer valuable guidance to my customers, and 2) I can utilize this technology to maximize the time spent with them.

At Millennium, we are dedicated to incorporating the latest technologies with the personal interaction clients need and deserve so we may truly act as a trusted advisor. Technology enables our agents to succeed, and my staff consistently leverages technology to gain operational efficiencies and stay productive. Plus, it allows us to provide our customers with exceptional service by enabling direct interaction with them across multiple channels.

How does technology enhance our agency’s customer relationships? Here are a few examples.

Provides a faster disaster-recovery response
We strive to provide clients access to our agency 24 hours a day, seven days a week — and that access becomes even more crucial during extreme weather events. Hurricane Sandy taught us the value of having the right technology in place. Millennium agents were taking calls as the storm made landfall, and our customers were able to utilize self-service options to access what they needed. Team members were not in the office, but cloud technology enabled us to be operational — gaining secure, remote access to clients’ records and providing them key information related to their coverage. While many other insurance companies were either shut down or overwhelmed due to the storm, our agents were accessible and responding.

Keeps agents engaged with clients
We have implemented agency management software that lightens our team’s workload, allowing agents to spend more time with clients. Cloud-based software, for example, frees up time previously spent backing up data and upgrading software. Today’s online self-service features allow clients to access their own documents whenever they choose, reducing the need to call the agency with small, easily answered questions. Clients love the feature of accessing their own insurance certificates. Simultaneously, this creates less work for our agents.

Increases client satisfaction
Our agency’s quick response during Hurricane Sandy helped us strengthen our relationships with existing clients and continues to help us promote our business. We have found that offering technologies that enhance relationships not only support client retention, but it boosts our new client growth rate. Adopting the right technology has increased our clients’ satisfaction and, ultimately, their loyalty.

Jim Kerin is CEO of Millennium Alliance Group, an independent insurance agency that provides an extensive array of products and broad access to insurance carriers and markets. Millennium has offices in New York’s Nassau and Suffolk County. Find out more about Millennium Alliance Group at www.millenniumag.com.

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