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How Digital Is Your Agency?
Digital Technology Adoption: How Does Your Agency Score?
by Applied Communications

The results of a recent survey conducted by Applied Systems found that the national average for digital technology adoption among independent agencies is only 42%. In a time when consumers expect instant access to information and real-time customer service from mobile devices, this finding — indicating that the independent insurance agency channel continues to lag […]

Next-Gen Is Now: Embracing Emerging Technology to Build the Agency of the Future
by Deb Smallwood

In any industry, planning for the growth of technology and innovation to come is critical, and in the insurance industry, it’s even more important. Agencies are becoming increasingly aware of the need to embrace technology, but more than that, they’re beginning to see the maturation of existing technologies and how that’s changing the way independent […]

It’s a Good Time to Be in Insurance – and 2016 Is Looking Even Better
by Reid French

Today, the insurance industry is healthy and strong, with high levels of organic revenue growth and rising profit margins across the independent agency and brokerage channel. According to Swiss Re, M&A activity continues to trend upwards in terms of both the number of acquisitions and the average price paid per agency or brokerage. As we […]

Milford Insurance
Jack of All Trades: How Growing Insurance Agencies CAN Juggle It All
by Bruce Cox

At a growing independent insurance agency, agency owners wear many hats. In addition to being the person in charge, oftentimes you’re the CSR, producer and operations manager. And that’s not only exhausting — it’s time consuming. With so many bases to cover, you may struggle with how to juggle it all while effectively keeping clients […]

The 2016-2020 Technology Challenges Reshaping the Insurance Industry: What They Are and How To Prepare
by Barry Rabkin

Never-Ceasing Customer-ICT Feedback Loop Since the agrarian and industrial eras, society and commerce have been evolving from a Lego block experience, particularly with blocks that didn’t always fit together, to an increasingly more seamless real-time experience. This continual evolution, driven by the requirement to better meet customers’ wants and needs, is accelerated by a never-ceasing […]

The Insurance Producer's Secret to Managing Risk
by Sarah Ratcliffe

Producers today need to be well-versed in a variety of risk to provide customers the service and products they need and expect. A key factor in meeting the needs of your customers and providing a quality customer experience is to assess their insurance needs effectively. It’s important that you as a producer have a tool […]

Brokerage of the Future: Adapting to 21st Century Technology
by Jeff Purdy

30 years ago, Universal Pictures released Back to the Future, the classic 80’s comic sci-fi adventure film that took Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett L. Brown back and forth through time in their famous DeLorean time machine. In the sequel, Back to the Future Part II, the characters travel to 2015 where they see inventions […]

Steve anderson
[Podcast] Steve Anderson – Why Customer Service Is No Longer Enough
by Applied Communications

Guest: Steve Anderson, Insurance Technology Expert Length: 16:13 Steve Anderson, executive editor of The Anderson Agency Report and recently named a Top 150 LinkedIn Influencer, has been a licensed independent agent for more than 30 years and educates insurance organizations on how understanding and applying technology can help them navigate transformation in the marketplace. In […]