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It’s a Good Time to Be in Insurance – and 2016 Is Looking Even Better
by Reid French

Today, the insurance industry is healthy and strong, with high levels of organic revenue growth and rising profit margins across the independent agency and brokerage channel. According to Swiss Re, M&A activity continues to trend upwards in terms of both the number of acquisitions and the average price paid per agency or brokerage. As we […]

The 2016-2020 Technology Challenges Reshaping the Insurance Industry: What They Are and How To Prepare
by Barry Rabkin

Never-Ceasing Customer-ICT Feedback Loop Since the agrarian and industrial eras, society and commerce have been evolving from a Lego block experience, particularly with blocks that didn’t always fit together, to an increasingly more seamless real-time experience. This continual evolution, driven by the requirement to better meet customers’ wants and needs, is accelerated by a never-ceasing […]

The Game Plan: 6 Tips for Navigating the Applied Net Exchange
by Applied Communications

This year, the Applied Net Exchange will be the biggest ever, with more than 70 exhibitors  and our largest exhibit floor yet. Open throughout the conference, the Applied Net Exchange provides the opportunity for you to discover new Applied products, network with your peers and industry experts, and see the latest vendor and insurer technologies […]

Mobile Apps
9 Essential Apps for Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers
by Applied Communications

Apps for smartphones and tablets have forever changed the way we work and do business. No longer just games and photo editors for personal use, mobile apps can help you and your staff be more organized, efficient and productive. And the resulting time-savings can be significant allowing your staff to shift their focus to activities […]

Applied net
8 Reasons Why You Can’t Afford to Miss Applied Net 2015
by Applied Communications

Applied Net is right around the corner, in fact, it’s less than 10 weeks away! If you are still on the fence about attending, here are the top 8 reasons why you CAN’T miss the world’s largest gathering of independent agents, brokers and insurers. Expansive learning opportunities Choose from more than 200 educational sessions in […]

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3 Ways Technology Can Boost Agency Productivity
by Michael Howe

In the not too distant past, consumers went to independent agents for all of their insurance needs – whether simple or complex – because insurance was often an elusive concept to the man on the street. At the same time, insurance coverage was considered something everyone must have so when insurance-related questions came up, many […]

Brokerage of the Future: Adapting to 21st Century Technology
by Jeff Purdy

30 years ago, Universal Pictures released Back to the Future, the classic 80’s comic sci-fi adventure film that took Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett L. Brown back and forth through time in their famous DeLorean time machine. In the sequel, Back to the Future Part II, the characters travel to 2015 where they see inventions […]

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The Mobile Moment: Winning Customers in the Moment of Need
by Ed Higgins

It’s 9 p.m. on a Friday night and I’m stranded in Newark. With my flight canceled and no knowledge of the Newark area, I pick up my phone and say “O.K. Google, find a hotel near the Newark Airport.”  Then, “O.K. Google, find train transportation from Newark Airport to New York City.” Within minutes, I’m […]

Today’s Insurance Customer Experience Imperative
by Barry Rabkin

All the rage – and rightfully so Customer experience (CX) is all the rage. You can’t click to an insurance industry news site or general interest news site, or even pick up an insurance industry trade magazine without seeing exhortations about the need for insurance industry companies, agencies and brokerages to become customer centric, customer […]