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The Insurance Producer's Secret to Managing Risk

August 10, 2015

by Sarah Ratcliffe

Risk-Analysis-BlogProducers today need to be well-versed in a variety of risk to provide customers the service and products they need and expect. A key factor in meeting the needs of your customers and providing a quality customer experience is to assess their insurance needs effectively. It’s important that you as a producer have a tool you can use to educate yourself about risk types you might not be familiar with.

Consider this situation: You are going to meet with a new business referred to you by a current client. The prospect is in the crop dusting business and you have never quoted this industry before. You think – Aviation risk? Agribusiness risk?  What do I need to know in order to quote accurate coverage for this prospective client?

That’s where Risk Analysis tools, like the one provided in Applied MobileProducer, come into play.

By using Applied MobileProducer, you can:

  • Access narratives, surveys, coverage assessments, and supplemental data about a specific type of business, providing better risk education for seasoned producers and enhanced training for new producers.
    Applied Mobile Producer, Access Narratives, Surveys, Coverage Assessments
  • Get quick access to SIC and NAICS codes allowing you to easily look up risk associated with a specific industry.
    Applied Mobile Producer, Quick Accesss to SIC and NAICS Codes
  • Ask relevant risk questions, providing an informed experience to both clients and prospects.
    Applied Mobile Producer, Ask Relevant Risk Questions
  • Propose more accurate coverage proposals based on more precise risk.
    Applied Mobile Producer, Accurate Coverage Based on Precise Risk

Applied MobileProducer shows you details on all of the above categories of risk, and it’s the first independent agent app designed specifically for producers to access and manage client and prospect information anywhere, anytime via a mobile tablet.

Our customers are using the risk tool within Applied MobileProducer to:

  • Provide new producers better training for client meetings. By reviewing the risk questionnaires, producers are better prepared for meetings.
  • Expand producer’s market base, allowing them to feel more comfortable assessing new types of businesses and risks.

Creating a superb customer experience is not a one-time event, but an on-going  activity that your agency will continue for the rest of its existence. The key is to ensure that you are monitoring the buying behavior and risk needs of tech-savvy consumers to ensure you are delivering the policies, service and experience customers want.

How would you leverage Applied MobileProducer’s risk analysis at your agency? Leave your comments below.

Sarah Ratcliffe Sarah Ratcliffe, vice president of product management, agency/broker solutions at Applied Systems, oversees enterprise software solutions and listens to the strategic needs of customers to guide them to the right solutions for success. Sarah Ratcliffe began her insurance career 15 years ago and has held various agency positions in small to large agencies & brokerages. During her agency tenure, she was also actively involved in the user community, including time as the National Education Chair for ASCnet.

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