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Top 5 Features Used in Applied Epic

September 26, 2019

By: Applied Communications

applied-epic-top-5-features-customer-satisfaction-survey-feedback-400x224.jpgOne of Applied Systems’ core values is to always exceed our customers’ expectations. To help us better address their business needs, we ask customers to share their experiences and feedback with us in our annual Customer Satisfaction Survey. The feedback provides us with valuable insight into our products and services, enabling us to continually improve the customer experience both today and in the future.

The survey asks a variety of questions on our product suite, including Applied Epic®, the fastest-growing and most widely used agency management system in the world. This year, we asked customers to share which features in Applied Epic they are currently using.

Based on more than 8,000 responses, here are the top 5 most used features in Applied Epic:

  1. Renewal Manager

    Efficiently view, process and track renewals all from within one screen in Applied Epic. The interactive renewal management center gives you instant visibility into policies that are up for renewal in the near future and the status of each renewal to help you prioritize your workload.

  2. eSignature

    eSignature allows you to enhance your digital customer experience and improve productivity by automating paperless delivery of documents directly from Applied Epic and tracking signature requests via activities. Check out who we’ve partnered with to provide eSignature in Applied Epic.

  3. myEpic

    Applied Epic includes built-in process management features for workflows. Through a series of pre-built workflows based on agency best practices, myEpic automates, adapts and reassigns the most frequently used workflows, enabling you to streamline daily workload to increase both efficiency and productivity.

  4. Embedded IVANS Markets

    Search for insurer appetites directly within your management system workflow. Embedded IVANS Markets™ enables you to access insurer-provided appetites directly on commercial policy screens to drive highly efficient placement of new and renewal business.

  5. Integrated Policy Checking

    Integrated into the management system, automated policy checking compares new and expiring policy in a matter of seconds. This removes the need for time consuming manual checking of amendments during contract negotiation and empowers you to be a better risk advisor.

These are just five of the many advanced capabilities in Applied Epic. For those of you not currently on Applied Epic, we hope this provided you with insight on what this management system can do for your business. For current Applied Epic customers, we hope this motivates you to take advantage of features you’re not currently using. As we look to the future, we will continue to develop products that meet your unique business requirements, which is why we want your feedback.

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