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Customer Appreciation: Helping Protect What Matters Most

March 27, 2020

Kristin Hackney Headshot By: Kristin Hackney


As businesses, our customers are core to the mission we live and work by each and every day. It is critical to keep customers happy in order to retain them and remain successful. If customers don’t remain at the forefront of our daily efforts, consumers will quickly find a new provider.

To prevent customer turnover, businesses must ask themselves, “What can we do to make sure our customers are happy with our products and services?” At Applied, our mission is to strive every day to provide our customers with the technology they need to protect and safeguard what matters most in their clients’ lives. Our core values hold us accountable for the service we provide, including “to be results-oriented” and “to exceed expectations.” Both values focus on striving for excellence and our commitment to our customers. This commitment is evaluated and demonstrated every year in our Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey, which is consistently around 94%, but that does not allow for complacency. It is critical that we remain steadfast in innovation so we can always fulfill our customers’ needs, so that you can deliver on the core promise of insurance – to protect what matters most. And it is the greatest opportunity and core purpose of the industry to deliver anytime, anywhere service to the insured in their time of need.

What kind of services are your insureds looking for?

Today’s consumers are looking for quick and easy service. It is important for independent insurance agencies and brokerages to provide their customers with the technologies they seek.

Here are 3 service considerations to ensure you keep your customers:

  • Can your customers reach you 24/7? Nowadays, people can access all kinds of information anytime, anywhere with the internet. It is important for you to provide that same luxury to your policyholders. With self-service software, customers can access important insurance documents, even when the office is closed.
  • How available are you? Consumers are accustomed to in-person service or calling to receive service, as well as logging in to a customer portal on their smart phones or computers for services like online bill pay and text message updates. Companies like Amazon and Uber have made omnichannel servicing a must-have for businesses. Insurance businesses that provide an online customer portal and mobile app for their policyholders will see a significant increase in customer retention and satisfaction.
  • Are you providing online convenience from the start? The buyer’s journey starts online, and accurate quoting integrated into your website easily converts prospects into clients. The customer experience is enhanced with access to a broad range of insurers and an easy and quick process of securing insurance products.

In the changing insurance landscape, it is important for agencies and brokerages to stay up to date on the latest technologies so they can consistently provide the best service to their policyholders. At Applied, we strive to always provide the software agents and brokers need to continue operations regardless of the situation. When we work together, we will all see success and ultimately help to protect what matters most.

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Kristin Hackney Headshot

Kristin Hackney

Kristin Hackney, Former Executive Vice President of Customer Experience, was responsible for Applied's customer delivery strategy and operational execution for the Company's Professional Services, Support and Cloud-based solutions. She is the former vice president of Worldwide Enterprise Solutions & Services for Chicago-based SPSS Inc., a leading global provider of predictive analytics software and solutions, now part of IBM. Hackney drove the strategic transformation of SPSS from a tools/technology-focused vendor to a respected provider of enterprise solutions, building and leading the company's global predictive analytics solutions business. In a previous role at SPSS, Hackney served as vice president of Worldwide Education Services. She holds a bachelor's degree from Hamline University in St. Paul, Minn.