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Applied CSR24 and Applied Marketing Automation Have Joined Forces

October 21, 2021

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As an insurance agent, you need a way to send timely and valuable content to customers throughout the year. You could email them, but emails tend to get looked at and then deleted or forgotten. But what if you could post content to your customer portal. This gives customers the ability to access important info and materials at any time, while giving you an additional means of communicating with them. Wish granted.

Our fall product release integrates Applied Marketing Automation™ with Applied CSR24®! This integration allows you to provide a library of content resources to policyholders directly within your Applied CSR24 self-service portal. The portal serves as a reliable, secure location for them to access educational materials, risk management articles and information on employee benefits.

To take advantage of this integration, you will need to add the Applied Marketing Automation section to your Applied CSR24 start page. Once you do, your customers will be able to see content relevant to them from your self-service portal. You can create your own content or choose from 1,000s of articles, infographics, checklists and more in the Applied Marketing Automation library. By making Applied Marketing Automation content available within Applied CSR24, you increase usage of your self-service portal, which in turn reduces the time your team spends on the phone for minor but high volume admin requests.

Want to see this integration up close and in action? Watch the demo video below now!


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