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Making the Best Better: Applied Epic for Salesforce Fall 2021 Updates

December 2, 2021

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As sales and marketing get more advanced, targeting needs to be more precise, lead funneling more focused, and pipeline (including renewals!) management even more scientific. More sales organizations are turning to robust CRM technologies to take the next steps in advancing their sales operations, but still want to remain connected to the core business operations. So we combined the #1 agency management system with the #1 CRM platform and gave you Applied Epic for Salesforce™, the insurance-built sales and marketing application that allows your sales and servicing teams to work together efficiently in two separate, but completely synced, platforms.

But P&C isn’t the only line of the business that needs sophisticated automation. That’s why earlier this year we expanded Applied Epic for Salesforce to support Benefits brokers. The Applied Epic for Salesforce Summer 2021 release connected Salesforce with Applied Benefits solutions, making it the only sales and marketing application in the industry that supports P&C and Benefits business. The NEW Epic Benefits for Salesforce app is included with Applied Epic for Salesforce and accessed via the App Launcher. (Read this blog post to learn more about Epic Benefits for Salesforce.)

The Latest and Greatest Capabilities

We’re excited to share that the Applied Epic for Salesforce Fall 2021 release is now available! The latest update creates efficiency for agency staff working in Employee Benefits through greater automation and visibility into Benefits plan information, as well as enabling more accurate reporting and larger file upload.

Core Benefits capabilities in the latest release of Applied Epic for Salesforce include:

  • Policy and Line Defaults: Agency, Department and Branch data from Applied Epic will now auto-populate across fields, saving you time and reducing rekeying of data.
  • Plan Tabs: All relevant Benefits plan information from an account now resides in a single location within the Plan tab, eliminating the need to flip between multiple screens.
  • Line Level Servicing: Servicing has now been expanded from the Account Level to include Line Level, enabling you to establish record ownership.

In addition to the Benefits enhancements, other notable updates that are part of the fall release include:

  • Agency Defined Categories: Any role at the agency can tag Accounts, Opportunities, Lines and Employees with key identifiers used for marketing and running reports, increasing accuracy and speed of finding information.
  • File Size Increase: Files up to 100 MB can be uploaded from a desktop or mobile device on the Salesforce Mobile App. All file types are accepted and are queued for upload with a Salesforce bell alert, giving users confirmation that files have been attached successfully.

Watch this video to learn more about Applied Epic for Salesforce and what it can do for your business.

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