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Applied Epic Has Moved to the Browser

September 23, 2021

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Applied is rallying to deliver open innovation in all that we do – and we’re not just talking. We’re working hard to deliver practical, innovative solutions that give you choice and flexibility, create greater intelligence to help you become more competitive, and help you become a simpler, easier business partner for your clients.

We are transforming our product portfolio to meet today’s needs and transform tomorrow’s expectations.

Our product transformation begins at the core of your business, Applied Epic®, to provide you greater productivity, simplicity, intelligence, and value. This means we’re taking Applied Epic from a closed system to a standard cloud-native architecture, wrapped in standard, open APIs.

As part of the Applied Epic transformation to an open, API-based platform, new browser-native Applied Epic provides an industry-standard approach to software development, speeding up access to the application and reducing software management overhead.

A browser-native Applied Epic allows for:

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    Better User Experience

    We know that the type of modern, simple user experiences that you have with other applications like Uber or Instacart are the same types of experiences you want from Applied. Epic Browser is using new design architecture, allowing us to:

    • Improve productivity and simplify workflows: With Epic Browser, we’re delivering capabilities like data pre-fill/population and suggest-as-you-type functionality that allow you to work faster and have a more intuitive user experience.

    • Support easier onboarding and training: Simplifying the workflows and user experience translates to less complexity when bringing your team into the system.

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    Smaller, More Frequent Updates

    We’re completely transforming our technology, processes and infrastructure to push smaller, more frequent releases to you, allowing us to:

    • Deliver new capabilities sooner: No more waiting for our once- or twice-a-year releases to take advantage of new, innovative features that can help you improve efficiency and drive productivity with your team.

    • Make our releases more digestible: By releasing more frequently, we’re able to minimize disruption to your business from having to understand, learn and implement at once a vast array of features traditionally made available in annual or bi-annual releases. Expect updates to have targeted feature development that is persona driven so we can have high impact for specific users with each release.

    • Be more nimble and reactive: With the market changing as rapidly as it is, we need to implement changes in our products just as quickly – whether that’s responding to your requests or incorporating new regulatory or compliance requirements.

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    Greater Security and Less Overhead

    We get it. Sometimes giving your team access to your systems when outside of the office can seem scary. But if the last year taught us anything, the importance of accessing the systems you use every day from anywhere is critical. Epic Browser has you covered as it allows you to:

    • Leverage Single Sign-On (SSO): Managing multiple usernames and passwords for different tools can be cumbersome. Add to that the security and compliance benefits of SSO and it’s a no brainer. Epic Browser will support Applied SSO, which has bring-your-own identity provider support. If you’re looking for multi-factor authentication capabilities, you can leverage your existing identity providers to enable this.

    • Have less technology overhead and management: Moving to browser-native removes the overhead of deploying releases to the desktop app. It also removes the burden of costs around technology like Citrix/Terminal Server environments.

    • Gain platform and device flexibility: Epic Browser provides you choice for the type of device you want to work on – tablet, phone, or desktop. It’s supported on multiple browser platforms, like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge, so you can use the platform that works best for your business.

Interested in learning more about Epic Browser and how your organization can prepare for the transition? Check out our Epic Browser Resource Hub to get started today!

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