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Better Together: EZLynx and Applied Systems

March 9, 2021

By: Katie Seitz

EZLynx, a pioneer in real-time comparative rating and developer of one of the fastest growing agency management systems in our industry, has officially joined the Applied family.

Applied and EZLynx is a “better together” story of complementary product portfolios, innovation, building ecosystems of choice, and greater digital connectivity for agents.

Ever since we announced our intent to acquire EZLynx, we have received dozens of questions about how our two companies will combine to become better together. We sit down with Taylor Rhodes, CEO of Applied and Nag Rao, CEO of EZLynx to get some answers.

Why did Applied acquire EZLynx?

Taylor Rhodes
Taylor Rhodes
CEO of Applied Systems
Nag Rao
Nag Rao
CEO of EZLynx

Taylor Rhodes: It all boils down to choice, complementary focus and digital connectivity, and the realization that together we can create benefit for far more agencies and agents than we can alone.

When Applied and EZLynx started talking, we quickly realized how complementary our two companies are and how joining forces would allow us both to reach markets more broadly. We truly are better together. The combination of Applied and EZLynx provides more choice of management system technology and rating technologies to support agency automation, while also increasing connectivity across the distribution channel.

Nag Rao: We have spent over 15 years developing solutions for the insurance industry with a focus on the success of our customers. I believe this acquisition furthers that mission, and it will provide our customers with access to even greater innovations, resources, and scale. Putting our companies together will make a much bigger impact in the market and benefit both the agent and the consumer.

How does this acquisition further your vision of Applied?

TR: EZLynx’s culture of customer loyalty and innovation fits perfectly with Applied’s next chapter of innovation and growth, which is laser-focused on providing greater productivity, simplicity, intelligence and value for our customers, partners, and the broader insurance industry.

Agencies and insurers are investing in technologies that decrease cycle time, reduce costs and make the customer experience simpler and better. This was a perfect opportunity to invest in technology that increases connectivity to create a more collaborative and valuable distribution channel for all stakeholders.

How will this acquisition benefit EZLynx customers? What changes can they expect?

NR: First, we are committed to our customers and partners and they will experience no impact to their primary services, support, and sales contacts. The EZLynx team will continue to deliver innovative products that help independent agents accomplish more. And now, with the resources that Applied brings to us, we will be able to scale our capabilities more effectively across multiple segments and create greater value for all stakeholders. I am looking forward to integrating our technology and vision into Applied's products and helping independent agents accomplish more in the future.

What about Applied customers? What can they expect from this acquisition?

TR: The industry should feel good about the resources of EZLynx and Applied coming together. Applied will invest further into the EZLynx products and bring some of their clever innovation over to the Applied base and vice versa. As a combined company, we will be able to do more things at scale for the good of the industry. We are better together and have more ability to deliver real value as a united team than we can separately. We firmly believe that there is a whole set of capabilities in both companies that we can bring to each other’s customer bases that will help them be more competitive, sell more intelligently, be more productive within their agency, and better connect to their industry and third-party partners.

Will Applied stop supporting EZLynx technology?

NR: No. We have always believed that technology can make insurance processes faster and simpler, while keeping customer experience as the number one priority for an agency. This is a mindset that we share with Applied, and they are committed to continuing the innovation of the EZLynx technology going forward.

How is Applied looking to bring immediate value to the market?

TR: One of the first opportunities we see in providing immediate value is integrating the power of EZLynx quoting into Epic.  Over the long term, we will evaluate opportunities to provide additional value to our employees, customers, and the broader industry by combining product portfolios where it makes sense.

Will EZLynx users be forced to use Applied’s management system?

TR: No! We’re very excited to add EZLynx’z ONE PLATFORM to our broader portfolio of products. This expands an agency’s choice of management systems that provide the capabilities to support their unique business model needs. We are building ecosystems of choice so we can bring more business value to agents. This acquisition is all about choice, about the enablement of agencies.

For more information on Applied’s acquisition of EZLynx, view the press release and/or view the acquisition FAQs.

Katie Seitz

Katie Seitz, Vice President of Marketing at Applied, is responsible for the global go-to-market strategy for the Applied product portfolio.