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Hitting the Gym: A New Applied Brand Is Taking Shape

August 12, 2021

By: Courtney Rains

Recall the last time you were moved by a message, an advertisement, a card, or a simple social media post. How did you respond? Were you moved emotionally because the message hit you in an unexpectedly, but relatable way? Or did it inspire you to challenge your way of thinking and step outside your comfort zone? Or did it maybe just provide that perfectly timed moment of comedic relief?

When you peel it back a layer and take a deeper look, you might find it was the tone of the message and how the message was delivered that moved you. Or it could have been the imagery that painted a dramatic picture or stimulated a memory. Or perhaps it was the message amplified by powerful music or purposeful silence.

All of these are purposeful building blocks of a brand. Simply said, it’s what a company says, the way it’s said, and how it shows up – that drives your response to support, reject or feign indifference. Brands hold reputational power. It can be a company’s greatest asset and liability in one. When accurately reflecting the value of the company, the brand creates momentum and tailwinds for the business.  When a brand is too fluid and misaligns with the company’s mission, it creates confusion and market headwinds. A brand needs to lead the charge and walk the line of the company’s direction, which often means evolving in time to support changing strategic direction and manage prevailing market influences. And if not continuously flexed and evolved in support of the company, brands run the risk of atrophying.

At Applied, we have spent a lot of time reflecting on our brand and building a vision for the future. We’ve been hitting the brand gym to build a new look that reflects our transformation underway. We’ve been looking in the mirror and closely examining what are the great things that got us to today and brought in new perspectives and fresh thinking to help shape what will make us – and our customers – great well into the future.

We’ve been looking in the mirror and closely examining what are the great things that got us to today and brought in new perspectives and fresh thinking to help shape what will make us – and our customers – great well into the future.

Our brand blueprint is built on the transformational foundation underlying all of Applied – from our culture to our technology to our customer success model and our partnerships. Simply said, we are pivoting from a closed company to one that is open. Our brand is opening the doors to a new way of thinking about:

  • Culture
    To be more inclusive and innovative, where people can be their authentic selves, challenge each other, and know their ideas matter.
  • Technology
    To break down the walls and build technology that creates more flexibility and accessibility.
  • Relationships
    To recommit to success, making sure we are there with our customers each day to make it their best.
  • Partnerships
    To provide choice through simple, flexible integrations that let you build a tech stack that is right for your business.

So, what we say, the way it is said, and how we show up is beginning to reflect our new open mentality. Expect bolder colors to embody our bold strategic steps. Enjoy modern imagery that will translate complex topics into simple explanations. And a tone that invites conversation and discussion.

As with our broader transformation, we are marrying new thinking with the best of our past, and our brand is no different. Our brand mark, our A, is recognized as and represents our premium brand. It reflects all of Team Applied – our great people, amazing customers, engaged partners, and this great industry at large. So, it is fitting that it will carry us forward with bold intent and lofty ambitions. Our rally cry – our inspiring mission – is to become your Indispensable Partner by delivering innovation, not talking about it. We are excited to deliver our new brand innovation soon – stay tuned to see more!

Courtney Rains

Courtney Rains, Chief Marketing Officer, is responsible for Applied's global marketing strategy. Rains has held a number of leadership positions at Applied and led the Company's brand transformation, helping to position Applied as the technology company revolutionizing the insurance industry. With more than 10 years of experience in technology marketing and crisis communications, her expertise and unrelenting commitment to growth ensure that she brings the best out of those around her for the success of the team and broader company. She has prior marketing experience at big tech companies like Qualcomm and holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Notre Dame.