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How to Safelist Applied Communications in Your Email Clients

June 23, 2022

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Have you ever had to dig through your spam folder for an expected Applied email? Unfortunately, this may be a regular occurrence if your email provider is unsure where that email is coming from — and you haven't told it to trust emails from our company.

Applied is committed to delivering the best experience to you in all that we do. To ensure we're delivering on that promise, we also want you to receive promptly all communications we share. That's why we need your help safelisting Applied in your email systems.

Safelisting Explained

The internet has evolved and become the de facto communication channel between businesses, large and small. At the same time, the best practices and standards we follow to communicate have changed to suit the medium better. For example, we now rely almost entirely on automated mailing systems for accounting, marketing, sales, information and other notifications.

We must communicate securely due to the increasing prevalence of spam and phishing on the internet and more people working from places other than traditional offices.

By safelisting Applied in your email systems, you'll accomplish two goals at once:

  1. Allow Applied to communicate important information to you promptly.
  2. Ensure Applied is the verified sender of safe emails in your inbox.

Safelisting Guide

Email providers typically allow you to safelist Applied in a few different ways. It can differ between mobile and desktop devices depending on the email software and desktop or mobile apps used. We recommend reviewing all your devices for existing filters that could cause communications sent by Applied to end up in a spam or junk folder instead of your inbox.

Marking existing Applied emails received in your spam or junk folder as 'not junk/spam' will train your email provider to trust future messages from the same address.

For Individuals

Adding Applied as a contact to your email address book is the most straightforward approach; it states to your email provider that you trust emails from that sender. Doing so ensures that future emails will land in your inbox rather than in a spam or junk folder.

We recommend creating an Applied Communications contact in your email address book and adding the primary Applied email address ( plus our other secondary email addresses, listed below, used for additional communications purposes. For example, we send Applied Net announcements from separate email addresses in coordination with the Applied Client Network.

For Large Organizations

If you have a dedicated IT support team that manages your organization's email, we recommend forwarding this to them. Your IT team may be able to simplify the safelisting process of all Applied email domains across your whole organization.

Applied Brand Email Addresses:

Are you still experiencing issues? Applied uses Marketo, an enterprise-class SaaS application, for email communications. In addition to safelisting emails from Applied, our support team also suggests businesses with strict email filters in place to also safelist the following domain used by Marketo:


Our Commitment

We believe the benefits of safelisting email communications from Applied Systems and our brands are clear. Our goal is to empower your business. Ensuring our email communications arrive in your inbox quickly and securely is at the forefront of that commitment.

Visit the Contact Us page on our website and reach out to our Customer Support team if you have unanswered questions about email communications from Applied.

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