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New DIY Tool for You to Build Your Ideal Tech Stack

April 21, 2022

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Gone are the days of going to a dealership to buy a car. Instead, you can hop online to find a car that matches your every want and need. You start by describing your dream car, listing specific details (model, color, price point, etc.) and features (sunroof, Bluetooth audio, navigation system, etc.) that interest you. Then, you’re presented with a list of recommendations that match your criteria. No stress. No fuss. Just a quick and easy experience to get the car that best suits your specific needs.

We wanted to bring this same approach to the tech buying experience because we realize that like cars, technology isn’t a one-size-fits-all sort of thing. What works for one agency may not be what’s best for yours. So, we’re empowering you to build a technology package specific to your agency’s unique needs.

Introducing our new Build Your Digital Solution tool. This interactive tool guides you through a series of questions on your agency, the tools you use, and the challenges you face. Then, based on your responses, we’ll put together the perfect tech stack for your agency using either Applied Epic® or EZLynx as the core management system. Your results will instantly appear onscreen, and we’ll shoot a copy to your email for you to refer back to. Oh, and there’s no commitment. A member of our team will reach out afterward to see if you’re interested in purchasing the package. It’s quick, easy and customizable. It’s tech buying reimagined.

Use our Build Your Digital Solution tool now to create a customized tech stack for your business.

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