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3 Post-Renewal Communication Tips to Enhance Your Value as a Benefits Broker

February 9, 2023

By: Robbie Hartman

The end of renewal season deserves a moment of reflection on the hard work and value you’ve brought to your Benefits clients. And then? It’s time to get back to it. Because once you’ve closed the deal, it’s essential to show your clients that it wasn’t about closing the deal.

The following three post-renewal communication tips can prove that you’re a vital partner invested in your clients’ success now and throughout the year ahead:

  • Ask questions.
  • Educate.
  • Stay connected.

Ask Questions

After renewal, it’s crucial to continue the conversation. The right questions will strengthen your relationship and provide greater insights into the wants and needs of your clients.

The quality of your questions shows the quality of your commitment, so do more than just a check-in. Dig deep to unearth the core goals the employer wants to achieve. How will their Benefits strategy evolve over the next year? Do their financial goals warrant a move to self-funding? Have they aligned Benefits offerings with their retention, recruitment, and compensation objectives?

Thoughtful, probing inquiries will help you deliver the solutions that allow your clients to achieve their short-term goals and fold them into their long-term strategies.


Education is another key component. Help clients by delivering the right information at the right time. Applied Marketing Automation™ offers expert content through articles, checklists, infographics, sample policies, and more.

You can use Applied Marketing Automation to quickly and easily build marketing email campaigns that deliver timely, essential content to your clients. Providing expert information eases your clients’ pain points and keeps them engaged long after renewal. And Applied Marketing Automation metrics show which content generates the highest engagement, allowing you to continue providing the information your clients find most valuable.

Stay Connected

Lots of Benefits brokers communicate heavily during the lead-up to renewal. You can differentiate yourself with consistent, high-value communications beyond renewal.

Regularly scheduled phone calls and content-rich emails improve the client experience. They demonstrate your respect and commitment. Importantly, ongoing communication reduces the risk of clients feeling underserved, reaching out with unexpected requests, or seeking answers elsewhere.

A proactive, ongoing dialogue keeps you on top of client needs. A better understanding of their challenges will help you to prepare the right solutions. You can find and fill potential gaps in coverage, ensure compliance with legislative and regulatory updates, and be the go-to person when they need answers.

Renewal Is Just the Beginning

Renewal isn’t the end goal. It’s the start of supporting your clients to become better at what they do and building the type of trust that leads to long-term business relationships.

Getting to the bottom of your clients’ challenges, providing exceptional content, and continuing the conversation year-round will ease the next renewal process and reinforce your essential partnership.

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Robbie Hartman

Robbie Hartman, Content Writer at Applied, specializes in Employee Benefits for Applied Marketing Automation.