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Ask Me Anything: Celebrating Autism and Neurodiversity Awareness at Applied

April 20, 2023

Applied Indispensability Community of Interest logo. By: IndispensAbility at Applied

In honor of Autism and Neurodiversity Acceptance Month, Applied hosted a panel of employees who shared their unique and valuable lived experiences with their colleagues. We celebrated diversity and the richness it brings to our workplace, and we were excited to learn from our colleagues and promote a culture of acceptance and inclusion.

Now it’s your turn. Listen in as Applied’s employees share more about two very important topics:

Applied Indispensability Community of Interest logo.

IndispensAbility at Applied

This community provides an open space for Applied employees to learn about disabilities, seen and unseen, through the lens of mental and physical well-being and dialogue aimed at reducing stigma. Their "Ask Me Anything" interview series focuses on candid conversations with individuals from the community about their lived experiences.