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Pay - Your Way

July 27, 2023

Curtis Reed. By: Curtis Reed

Have you ever gone to checkout at a store and realized you don’t have cash or a card to pay for your purchase, but you have a digital wallet, and the store luckily offers mobile tap payment? Or received a bill from a business but didn’t have checks to send via mail but could pay online?

These companies provide payment choice and flexibility to consumers and businesses alike. The checkout experience and payment workflows are not one size fits all. At Applied, we champion this philosophy to make digital payments easy for insurance agencies and their customers.

In late 2022, we introduced Applied Pay™, the only digital payments solution for the insurance industry. With direct integration into your core management system and online presence, Applied Pay provides a safe, convenient way for insureds to pay their premiums online from any device and integrates seamlessly. Consider it your premium collection Easy button.

And we are excited to showcase the latest in Applied Pay innovation that takes that further and puts you in complete control over the payment process.

These upgrades now allow payments collected at checkout to be applied directly to client accounts in Applied Epic®, transforming your Hosted Payments Page into the most capable collection tool on the planet.

Let’s look at what the industry’s first fully customizable payments page can do.

Check it out in this quick clip to see it in action.

Curtis Reed.

Curtis Reed

Curtis Reed, Head of Marketing for Applied Pay™, oversees the global marketing initiative for Applied's highly anticipated digital payments solution Applied Pay.